3D animation jobs

3D animation jobs

What is the 3D animation jobs requirement?

The 3D animation jobs basic requirement is a full command of any 3d software like blender along with Zbrush, photoshop, and any editing software also considered a plus point for the candidate.
Film and game studios may look for the following skills in 3d animators:

  1. Maya,
  2. 3D Studio Max
  3. After Effects
  4. MotionBuilder
  5. Mudbox
  6. Premier
  7. Cinema 4D
  8. LightWave
  9. Real-time engine (such as Unreal or Unity) etc.


In 3D animation, digital characters, props, and machines move through an environment and interact with their surroundings according to a script, storyboard, or pre/postvis.

Motion capture software produces the motions, gestures, and expressions of rigged 3D models frame-by-frame, which are then strung together to create the actions we see in films, TV, advertising, and video games.

3D animator job description

Characters and creatures of  universes are brought to life by 3D animators. There is scope, weight, and meaning to everything within the frame. It is important for animators to be able to visualize new worlds.

The movements and the path created by an animator are input into the relevant software as mathematical equations, which are then processed by a graphics processing unit to create an animation called a ‘playblast’. For approval, supervisors, directors, and clients review this document.


The role and responsibilities of a 3D animator in film and games are as follows:

  • The art of ‘breathing life’ into 3D rigged models
  • To produce each project, research visual style, genre, and technology
  • Enhancing performances with motion capture
  • Scenes and sequences to be identified
  • Animating storyboards
  • Updating procedures documentation, managing animation libraries, and managing files
  • Synchronizing dialogue and integrating sound
  • An animator’s skills
  • 3D animators need strong technical knowledge as well as a high level of creativity. In order to render 3D animation sequences, complex mathematical calculations are required, and a career in 3D animation requires both left and right brain capabilities.

What is the salary of a 3D animator?

3D animation jobs are expected to grow by 4%, making it a great career option with growing opportunities and advancements. The average salary for a 3D movie is around $69,851.

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