perfect makeup base

A step-by-step guide to achieving the perfect makeup base

Today I will tell you the base theory completely.A perfect makeup base As promised.

I will tell you the basic things necessary for laying the foundation, so that you consider these things and try to note them all.
By the way, there are many types of bases, but nowadays there is so much competition that every brand has a good base and when you buy a base, you should have a good base that lasts for a long time and feels good on the skin.
Look carefully and choose a base that looks good on your skin if you are a professional, always take a good base so that it sits well on your skin and if the base is good, the makeup will also be good if you know. If you don’t want to apply base and the base is cracking, then there is no point in putting on your makeup and you can’t apply base.

Yes, the very first step is moisturizing:
Primer at the second step:
3rd Step – Camouflaging:
Fourth Applying Base:

First, you can use any good cleansing or lotion that exfoliates your skin or any good cream that you apply daily.
Second Step Primer: The second step is a primer, but there are two types of primers and it is a very important thing in the makeup base.
A primer is like a cream that you can use on dry skin, making the Base last longer.
And another kind of primer. It is like a cream type, it will stay for a long time on oily skin and its benefit is also that if your skin is sensitive then the side effects of makeup will not be on your base.
The third step is chemo-flagging.

What is chemo-flagging? No one’s skin is the same, some have dark circles, some have dark circles, some have flakes and some have acne spots. It happens that if you use the same, your base is damaged or the skin becomes grey.The process of even-toning is called camo-flage

What products are used for camo flags?

you can use dark town concealer for this means and nijcolor light colour pro concealer.You can also use Krailan and Chinese sticks
You can also use cry lawn stick Fs 36 for the dark circles of skin it will hide your dark circles and its coverage is very good nowadays these products are used a lot and the same base is used in every parlor. These bases are expensive but they are long-lasting and here I will tell you about Cry Lawn Basics it’s the primary color which you can use on every skin FS 36, fs38, fs45 this shade is suitable for all skin types.
It can be used on the skin If you want to open a parlor then you can use this stick

  • You FS 36 for Dark Circle
  • FS 38 for normal skin
  • FS 45 for Bride or Fair Skin

You can use them to make a perfect makeup base. Now, step by step, after applying the base, use Krai Lawn’s loose powder or pancake. It won’t spoil and if you have dry skin or it’s winter then you can’t make a base with a stick alone, so you have to use a foundation. Use any good company’s foundation with FS 45 it will make your base very smooth and pleasant finally when your Base is done and your eye make-up is done then use a fixer is a must it locks your make-up good.
Yes, these are the few things that will make your makeup look great and there is no need to buy more because they expire very quickly. Check it out to get benefit from it.

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