About Us

About Us

A few lines about me. I am a professional blogger and use to writing for past few years on different platform. Then our team got an idea to create a news website whose sole motive should enlighten those issues which are neglected most of the time by media.

We believe on problem solving approach that’s why not only point out issues but also provide our readers to the best solution to these issues through our detailed articles. At beginning level we are working on few topics like technology, agriculture and latest news. In future hopefully our scope will be increased to the all areas of life.

While writing about us page of our website I was totally imagining it according to the reader perspective.If our content feel like you as per our desire then we consider ourselves a good news website!

Our Mission

Like other media houses, we are trying to make it the online version of our newspaper. In future, it could be, either as a stand-alone publication or as the online version of a printed periodical.

From the very beginning of this website, we intended to go online to create more opportunities for newspapers and article readers in a place.
competing with broadcast journalism in presenting breaking news in a more timely manner it will take some time but still, it is our priority.

In contrast to television, print, and radio, news websites deliver news in a different format. It is important to note that news sites include a wide variety of information that may not be considered “news” by all audiences, but may include entertainment, games, and news that may not be current, but is nonetheless interesting.

Unlike A social news website, the features of user-posted stories are also included in the blog sections. A top-ranked story is determined by users’ votes or by website administrators based on how popular it is. It is common for users to comment on news posts online, and their comments may also be ranked by popularity.



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