Companion Emergency Survival System

Companion Emergency Survival System

During camping, many people remain confused about which type of backpack could be best for their needs on the trip.
Now we are going to introduce you to such an amazing backpack that is specially designed for camping purposes.
If you talk about the ordinary back backs, there isn’t any particular space given to the different items to be packed accordingly.
On the other hand, if we observe the Companion Emergency Survival System as a back pack we will be happy to see that there is a lot space is given for each and every type of item in the back pack.

For packing stuff, from first aid to the mobile phone, you will get space for every item here separately. This is very easy access to open and use stuff from it. These awesome features make this backpack special as well as this waterproof and fire resistant too. Such security will save you from any inconvenience during camping in every worse situation.
In emergency conditions, a phone charging and radio facility are also given to you. You can also get a lot of tools in its kit that are useful during your camping tour.

Getting this amazing gadget can make amazing your camping tour.
Designed and tested for 72 hours of emergency use, making it one of the most advanced two-person survival systems available. It is very comfortable, does not pull on the ears, and has a great fit.
You will Love that if you can hang it around your neck when not in use. Make an order filter with it and they will immediately hook it up. That’s it!

There are many go-bags available, but I recommend trying this one first. Quality and thought were invested in this product, but it can only truly be appreciated when you have one in your possession.
In spite of its smoothness and quietness, the Zipper is aggressive enough to force shut a bag full to the brim.
This bag includes both a prefab and DIY option, making it ideal for new preppers as well as seasoned preppers who prefer to make their own gear.
You can use them on a day trip, while camping, or as an emergency escape plan. During non-stressful times, it’s nice to be able to open your bag and identify all of your inventory at a glance with an aesthetically pleasing menu of your items.

However, it is also designed so that if you need something fast, such as the first aid kit, you can get to it in record time without having to fumble through a multitude of webbing and compounding pockets.

It is large enough to carry everything you and your partner need, yet it doesn’t feel bulky when worn.
It is truly a perfect bag, and once you use it obviously will recommend purchasing it for many of your relatives in the days to come.
As a hurricane/natural disaster-prone area, it is recommended to all of those who love peaceful camping. Having peace of mind is something anyone can afford.


A highly advanced two-person survival system, meticulously designed and tested to survive any emergency within 72 hours.

Warmth – First Aid – Food – Water – Tools – Sight + Air – Light – Communications.

We recommend you pack two pairs of gloves, two raincoats, two blankets, four warmers, and a tube tent for warmth.

Toolkit: 5″ full tang blade + sheath, magnesium Ferro rod, multi-tool, notebook, zip ties, 550 paracord rope, duct & signal tape

Two ANSI-approved reflective goggles and two N95 masks are included in SIGHT+AIR

A special tool kit includes two chem lights, a rechargeable flashlight, a headlamp, and all-weather matches.

COMMS: emergency solar + crank radio flashlight

FIRST AID: 100+ piece first aid kit

FOOD: 2 x Datrex 2400Kcal food rations

WATER: 1000ml SS bottle, 10 Datrex water sachets, water filter

GUIDE: survival bandana

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