Creation of hayfields and pastures for cows

Creation of hayfields and pastures for cows

Creation of hayfields and pastures for cows in the private sector as an efficient method of reduction of radionuclides in milk

What is the purpose of Creation of hayfields and pastures for cows?

It is possible to use them as a source of economical livestock feed, reduce labor requirements, improve soil fertility, reduce erosion, and reduce infestations of noxious and poisonous weeds.

How to raise cows and make pastures!

A cow is a mammal. Keeping cows is very useful and it gives us many benefits. A cow gives milk, we drink it, and many things are made from milk.

It is very important to take care of a few things for rearing cows.

  1. It is very important to have pastures for them.
  2. There should be a suitable arrangement to protect from cold and heat.
  3. There should be a complete arrangement to protect against diseases

How to make pastures?

It is very important to have pasture for raising cows because the cow is separated from the rest of the animals.

But yes, when it is left open and grazed in the pasture, it will flourish and give more milk.

In general, water should be left in the uneven land by plowing it, and one thing should be taken care of, water should be given through a fountain or pipe in the uneven land, and at the same time, the grass should be weeded.

In this way, a very good pasture will be ready for the cow within 55 to 60 days. The pasture prepared in this way does not cost much, but cow dung alone is sufficient for it.

By grazing the cows in good pastures and by adding coarsely ground barley corn to the fodder, on the one hand, the cows give more milk, and on the other hand, the calves are calved very quickly and well.

Along with grazing the cows in good pastures, drinking water should also be arranged for them, for example, there should be a reservoir etc. in which the cows can drink water easily. If a pond is made, the cow cannot put its foot inside it because sometimes it happens that if the cow puts its foot in the tank, then there is a great risk of getting hurt or breaking the cow’s foot.

Therefore, whenever you build a tank in the pasture, build it so high above the ground that the cow can drink water easily, but its feet should not go into the tank.

A cow is a little different from other animals. If it is well taken care of, it is very profitable. Cows give more milk than buffaloes and eat less.Their calves are also ready very quickly.


  1.  The cow should be raised in a clean place
  2. Cows cannot live in mud or dirty places  like buffaloes can.
  3. It is better to graze the cow in open pastures than to wash the cow and feed it.
  4. Their vaccination should be completed and the doctor should keep checking them regularly so that no disease can attack them.
  5. A tank of clean drinking water should be arranged for them and it should be built in such a way that no dirty thing can fall into it and the water is completely clean and transparent.

If all these things are taken care of and the cow is reared, then the cow is more profitable and beneficial than almost all other animals.

A cow can easily give at least 15 to 20 liters of milk at a time if it is properly cared for. Therefore, it does not cost much because cows are less prone to diseases than other animals. And it eats all kinds of food.

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