back of heel pain

Heel pain and back of heel pain

What is heel pain?

If you ever have faced or still facing heel pain this article is for you.Such pain is one of the most common foot conditions. The affected heel usually feels intensely painful when used.Pain in the heel usually develops gradually and gets worse over time. When you place weight on your heel, you usually experience severe pain.You need to visit your health specialist.

Typically, only one heel is affected, although around a third of people have pain in both heels.
When you first take a step after being inactive or first thing in the morning, the pain is usually worse. In most cases when you walk or stand for a long time, the pain usually improves, but it often gets worse again.In order to avoid placing weight on the affected heel, some people limp or adopt an abnormal walking style.

What causes back of heel pain?

Usually, pain in the back of the heel is caused by Achilles tendinitis in adults. Inflammation and irritation of the Achilles tendon at the back of the lower leg causes Achilles tendonitis. An intense or repetitive strain on the tendon is most likely to cause this problem. Patients describe the pain in the back of the foot as uncomfortable and limiting.

Patients with Achilles injuries often have limited range of motion in their ankles and tightness in their calves. In more severe cases, there is also redness, swelling, or heat located in the back of the  hind-toe and stiffness.

When the plantar fascia near the  hind-toe becomes damaged and thickens, it can cause considerable pain in the foot.The medical term for thickening of the plantar fascia is plantar fascistic.

Heel pain when walking can be caused by shoe too
Shoes can cause foot and the back part of the  foot below the ankle pain. One of the leading causes of foot and  hind-toe is simply wearing the wrong shoes. We recommend you use orthodontic insoles for better foot mechanics, support, and comfort. When Plantar Fasciitis “goes bad,” it’ll usually affect your feet, feet muscles, or even your bones.”

Sudden heel pain without injury
Sudden foot pain is not uncommon, especially in middle-aged and older people. According to research published by Elsevier B.V., about 15% of middle-aged and older persons suffer from recurrent ankle discomfort. Young people are prone to suffering from ankle discomfort: The only exception is if there is an underlying medical reason for the abrupt pain, like an injury.

This pain can be caused by any number of conditions affecting the actual  hind-toe bone and/or structures near it. It may consist of throbbing, stabbing, burning, or aching pain that is most pronounced first thing in the morning (and better after walking for a while). One of the most common causes of this type of pain is plantar fasciitis. The other most common cause is Achilles tendonitis.

Inner  ankle pain
Understanding your unique symptoms and the root cause of your back of the foot pain, can help you take more effective treatment steps. Let’s explore some of the most common causes of heel pain deep within the heel, including trapped nerves, plantar fasciitis, fat pad syndrome, and stress fractures.


Heel pressure injuries are common among people who are limited in mobility, particularly those who are confined to a bed. Prevalon Heel Protectors relieve pressure on the heel, reducing the risk of bedsores.
Floating the heel of the mattress surface helps reduce pressure on the heel when wearing Prevalon boots. Continuous pressure relief is provided by the Sage boot.

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