The highest-paying jobs at Google

The highest-paying jobs at Google

The highest-paying jobs at Google

Engineers are Google’s passion – and that of its new parent company, Alphabet.

As a result, engineers are among Google’s highest-paying positions.
Working for Google is a dream job for many people. It is also common for the top employees of these tech giants to earn dream salaries. With the help of Glassdoor salary data, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 highest-paying jobs at Google, and what duties make them so lucrative.
But running Google isn’t just about programming. Google pays top dollar for the best candidates, regardless of their field, according to Glassdoor annual salary data.

The salary data on Glassdoor is based on anonymous reports from both current and former employees. Work your way up the tech ladder now!

1. Senior Vice President

Salary: $661,000
A Senior Vice President at Google might oversee revenue generation, oversee operations, analyze financial reports, ensure company policies are followed and identify and lead new business opportunities.

2. Finance director

Salary: $339,825
According to Glassdoor, this is one of the highest-paying jobs at Google. Typically, a finance director oversees all financial tasks of a company, including maintaining financial statements and making sure all departments comply with the company’s financial policies.

3. Director of Operations

Salary: $304,000
Managing operations and activities, as well as setting strategic goals, will be the responsibility of a Director of Operations. Moreover, according to Google, they must be able to plan and supervise the daily operations of the business unit, including supervising staff from different departments and providing constructive feedback.

4. Senior Director, Product Management

Salary: $296,000
Senior Directors, who specialize in project management, have a proven track record of building and leading product teams, Google claims. Analytical skills, data, and customer conversations will help your team make informed product decisions.

5. Director, Global Partnership

Salary: $286,000
Google’s Director [of] Global Partnership arrange investigating new opportunities accompanying Google’s companions, according to Google, that increases that the Global Partnerships team supports Google’s brand groups in order to help Google’s consumer occurrences in exhibiting, search, maps, shopping, and more. Plus, those crews forge product-permissive alliances, and market policies, and hatch trade growth for a type of device, Google says.

6. Senior Director, Talent Management

Salary: $282,000
As the Senior Director of Talent Management, your task responsibilities might contain superior talent growth and appraisal programs and managers, in addition to developing pipelines, forceful goals, and providing guidance. You’d likewise help other senior guidance and expand solutions and implement trade aims inside talent administration programs.

7. Engineering director

Salary: $272,370
An engineering director oversees all aspects of engineering within a company, as the title implies. According to career building website Monster, this type of job could require up to 10 years of experience.

He or she must be able to optimize code and make sure engineers can optimize their code as well. You will also manage project goals, contribute to product strategy, help develop your team, and more as a Director of Engineering.

8. Global Creative Director

Salary: $258,000
The Global Creative Director leads a crew of designers, technologists, strategists, critics, and filmmakers the ones who formed the Google brand, in accordance with Google. What resources you will forge common occurrences, shopping campaigns, films and output that delimit the voice of Google and allure substitute brands to a degree Chrome and Nexus, in accordance with Google?

9. Director of Marketing

Salary: $245,000
At Google, the Director of Marketing arranges to design and achieve the organization’s shopping campaigns. The Director of Marketing further is administrative in making certain shopping projects are not only done according to schedule but further bring profit.

10. Senior software engineering manager

Salary: $235,772
A Google Senior Software Engineering manager is a well-in-demand, more knowledgeable set up supporting the one’s administrative of leading crews of coders under ruling class.

11. Senior staff software engineer

Salary: $210,462
Google’s senior spreadsheet engineers are among the maximal-rewarded staff members at the association. These engineers be necessary to take the technical introduction what area they introduce, either that be YouTube, AdWords, or some other separation of the association.

12. Lead software engineer

Salary: $207,211
A lead operating system engineer is mainly responsible for the fundamental construction of a likely program. Since “lead” displays this is a senior duty, a lead software engineer is further likely being the reason for directing additional appendages of the group too.

13. Staff software engineer

Salary: $201,565
Engineers at Google need expected wonderful at resolving complex questions. This is why the party is famous for questioning task contenders with confusing intelligence teasers. But, established Glassdoor’s dossier, clearly like they offset these employees well. Google’s payroll for this position is 60% above the social average, in accordance with Glassdoor.

14. Site reliability engineer

Salary: $193,423
As the title implies, stick home dependability engineers must be scheming troubleshooters. When renting for this job, Google will be revere visualize if you can fix issues accompanying allure duties and if your web design abilities be honest to destroy, in accordance with this Glassdoor post from a contender that applied for the task.

15. Senior online sales and operations manager

Salary: $192,915
This act involves managing Google’s connected to the internet sales actions and income tumor. And, at a company like Google place all of allure services are located connected to the internet, it’s exactly an important part.

16. Senior auctions manager

Salary: $193,680
Advertising is still Google’s sustaining income, accordingly it’s incredibly essential that the party groom or employ top-tier auctions ability.

17. Staff user experience designer

Salary: $191,881
Designing the user occurrence behind a output is individual of the most main tasks at any type of educational institution association, that is why Google is not quite pay expense for great designers. User happening designers are basically tasked accompanying making certain Google’s commodity look nice and are convenient.

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