How to grow vegetables at home in pots

Today we are going to tell you a method of farming that my brothers and sisters who don’t have enough land to plow and grow vegetables and fruits in the fields or my friends who live in cities. You can also grow vegetables at home in pots easily.

How to grow vegetables at home in pots?

Those friends who do not have enough land even inside the house to grow vegetables or fruits in it, then they should bring pots of small plants to their house and put such soil in them that is not too hard and Neither should it be completely sandy, because vegetables and fruits do not grow even in sandy soil, and even in hard soil, which is generally called chalky soil, the seeds of vegetables and fruits do not germinate, and even if they do, they do not germinate. So, it takes a long time That’s why we should put such soil inside the pots which is soft and if you have made canals for water, the soil inside them is called Bhal soil, that soil is suitable for growing vegetables and fruits. It is very useful because it is not too hard and not quite sand, it is very good for vegetables and fruit plants.

Which vegetables can we grow at home with this method?

1. In this way, we can grow mint, coriander, tomato, green pepper, capsicum, etc. and many other vegetables in this way.
First of all, I will tell you how to cultivate coriander.
Take coriander seeds or dry coriander, clean it well, then soak the coriander seeds in water for 24 hours.

There are two ways to do this, one is to leave the seed in water for 24 hours
And the second method is that you tie the dry coriander inside a cloth and soak it well with water and then the seed is tied inside the barley cloth and pressed into the soil for 24 hours. After 24 hours when you If they come out, small coriander plants will have come out.

Then you plant these young coriander plants with the seeds inside the pot.
After soaking the coriander seeds in water for 24 hours, when they come out with small shoots, press them into the soil inside the pot and then apply light water with a shower.

watering from top with tap and pipe is dangerous for shoots and seeds. Do not water at all, as this will either cause the seed to go too deep, or it will come right up to the top, both of which will kill the seed.
Therefore, water is never applied inside the pot or on top of the plant cultivated in this way from a tap or a pipe, but a light water is applied with water to moisten the seed and keep the seed moist.
If it is hot season, after every four to six hours, keep pouring light water on the seed with Shower until the seed gets moisture and the seed does not get damaged due to the heat.
Within three days after planting, the plant will come out of the soil. Do not put any kind of fertilizer or poison in it, but, if necessary, add a little dung manure. Finely add.
One is that it will benefit this coriander and the other is that it will not cause any harm.
After planting coriander seeds in the soil, if it is summer season, it is watered two to three times a day, and if it is winter season, it is watered twice in the morning and in the evening. Is
So, after about twenty days of cultivation in this way you can cut and use the coriander.

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