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How to make and do wax at home

Yes, today I will tell you how to make and do wax at home. Nowadays, girls are very worried because of their unnecessary hair. By the way, there are many types of wax, but most of the time we do not have many things available at home. Today I will tell you. I am going to tell you a very easy way to make wax so that you don’t have to go to a parlor and it also saves you time. Here I will tell you how to make 2 types of wax.
1) Lemon wax
2) Aloe Vera wax
Here are the things needed to make lemon wax
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of water
Half a cup of lemon juice
Put all these things in a pan and cook it and stir it evenly with a spoon until our wax is ready. will go and the wax will start to thicken Now how will you know if the wax is ready or not?
Also, let me tell you that you have to put the wax in a glass vessel and see if it spreads, then it is raw and if it looks like a hair as soon as it falls into the vessel, then you know that your wax is ready.

Things we need to make aloe Vera wax
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of water
1 cup aloe Vera gel (do not use over-the-counter aloe Vera gel)
2 spoons of honey
Mix all these things and put them on the stove and let them cook on a high flame.

Here are the things needed for waxing:
1) Talcum powder
2) Cotton or jeans belts
3) Soothing lotion
4) Knife or spoon
First of all, wash your arms and legs with soap and dry them well and apply talcum powder to the area where you want to wax. Start applying from the back side of the spoon opposite to the hair growth I mean you have to apply the wax on the legs from top to bottom and then paste the wax paper on its layer of wax.
If you don’t have wax paper then you can also use your cotton or jeans cloth. After pulling the wax cloth you will notice the skin is clean, smooth and glowing. You can save this wax in any jar and use it for several months.

How to wax armpit

Applying wax in the same direction as hair growth and avoiding double-dipping your applicator (ew) is essential. The strip or wax should be pulled opposite the hair growth (if using soft wax). You can relieve the pain by taking deep breaths and pressing on the area with your other hand after the wax is removed.
We always suggest waxing in armpit for hair removing rather than removing cream because continuous use of wax can reduce the quantity of hair and after a long time completely cleans the armpit from hair.

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