How to plant corn and grow it well!

How to plant corn and grow it well!

How to plant corn and grow it well?It is very important query that every farmer must learn before cultivating corn. Keep the following things in mind whenever you want to grow maize.

1- Whenever you buy maize seed, take it of good quality and check it. It happens many times in such a way that the seed that is inside the package comes out with many defects like it has been eaten by an ant or Many times there are dead seeds inside the seeds, so check the seeds first.

After that…
2- Contaminate the seed well so that it does not get disease after sowing and take care of your health while contaminating the seed and take special care of the mentioned precautions. Cover well with a cloth or mask so that the poison that you apply to the corn seed does not harm you, it cannot enter your stomach through breathing and it cannot harm your lungs.

Land Preparation:

How should the land be for maize crop and how is it prepared?

First of all, take special care that the land is not sandy and sandy, because in such land the maize crop is not good. For maize, always choose a land that is neither sandy nor water-logging and salinity etc. It should be fertile and the chemical reaction of the soil should be 7.5 to 8 and it is suitable for sowing.

Before sowing, plow the land well four to five times so that the land becomes completely soft, after that plant the (savage) from one far away. Corn fields are also of two types

1- A bed is made which is placed in the middle on both sides, they are wide.

  1. A single furrow is made in which only one side is seeded.

One thing should be kept in mind while making the canals for corn in the corn land. The canals are made depending on the season. It is so that the sun can shine easily.

Sowing and season

The best time for sowing is 15 July to 15 August in autumn and 15 January to February in spring.Seed rate per acre: 8 to 10 kg per acre for sports and 12 to 15 kg per acre for plants and drills.

Best indigenous and hybrid varieties for high yielding maize:
MMRI Yellow, Pearl White, Malaka 2016, Gohar 19, Summit Pak are indigenous varieties when YH 1898, FH 1046, FH 1036 and FH 949 are the hybrid varieties produced by the institute. The first two varieties are suitable for both seasons while the third variety is suitable only for spring.

At the time of sowing, leave water in the drains and when the water in the drains reaches half the height, turn off the water so that the water level can be measured. It should be noted that seed loss due to lack of water should not be applied too much. When it arrives, start planting seeds in it. The seed should be planted in this place and a gap of at least four to five should be kept.


Fertilizer requirements of indigenous and hybrid varieties are different.
In medium soils, native varieties require 87 kg of nitrogen, 46 kg of phosphorus and 37 kg of potash per acre.And while the double varieties need 110 kg of phosphorus, 58 kg of nitrogen and 37 kg of potash.

How to control weeds and insects in crops:

Weed control can also be done by harrowing and plowing and weed control sprays including S. metola, chloracetachlor and pendimethalin etc. are also used in early stages of weeds. Weeds can be controlled and eradicated.

Worms and bugs:

Stem borer and corn bee are the most important harmful insects. If the seed is cultivated with acetaclopard poison at the rate of 7 grams per kg, then the corn is not attacked by the bee for 40 days, while the stem borer is not attacked. Carbofuran poison should be used 5 to 6 kg per acre to protect against worms.

Harvesting corn.

When the membranes inside the husk are dry, the grain becomes hard and the amount of moisture in the grain is reduced to 20 to 25%, then the husk should be broken.

After breaking the shell, it should be spread in a thin layer for drying, and when the moisture content of the shell grains is reduced to 15% by exposure to the sun, they should be shelled with the help of a table sheller.

Hopefully this article will be very beneficial for the farmers who are interested in maize cultivation.How to plant corn for human food or animal food  mostly same process.

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