How to use a hair mask at home

How to use a hair mask at home

Hair mask

Peace be unto you! Today I will tell you how to apply a hair mask at home.

How to use a hair mask at home
Few steps to applying every hair mask for everyone generally.
Make sure your hair is clean
Microfiber towels or cotton T-shirts are great for absorbing excess water
Divide your hair into sections
Put on your mask
Cover your hair with a hot towel or T-shirt
Let it soak for a few minutes
Thoroughly rinse with water
Nowadays every boy and girl is worried about hair. Today’s weather is such that there are many hair problems like:
A) Does not shine hair
2) Hair Retention
3) Density
4) Hair fall and breakage
5) No hair growth
6) Splitting of hair
So there are many hair mask products but I will tell you about the test just two types of hair masks.

How to use a hair mask at home

1) Keratin hair mask

Keratin hair mask is getting very popular nowadays and this mask is very good. Nowadays boys and girls are always suffering from many problems due to hair but this mask is very good and it will make your hair in good condition very soon. All hair problems will also go away.
Keratin Hermasque gives the hair elasticity and removes roughness and dryness for people who have dry hair due to stacking, hair colour, using an inverted straightener or Due to the new changes in the hair, Keratin hair mask is great for such hair.

This mask is like a cream and can also be used as a conditioner. You have to apply this mask for 20 minutes and after 20 minutes you have to wash your hair and wrap your hair in HOT TOWL for 5 minutes.
(It contains natural moisture-holding factor keratin treatment and vitamin B5) This is written on every jar of the mask and it makes the hair treatment very good.

2) And Kelly Hair Mask

The second mask we have is Vakili Hair Mask. The result of this mask is also very good and it is like a cream. It is Vakili Professional Care Tin Primer Hair Mask. It helps us to take good care of our hair. You can also use this mask as a conditioner and primer on your hair
This mask is also made of vitamin E, but it contains kratom extract. This mask is applied by leaving the roots of the hair. This mask is not organic. Now apply the mask well to the hair. After applying the mask to the hair, comb it so that the mask is applied to all the hair and the time of this mask is 30 minutes after waiting for 30 minutes, wash the hair well. It will also make shine and all hair problems will be removed
Let me tell you one thing that always uses a good hair mask and shampoo and take care of your diet.

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