Meghan Markle daily mail

Meghan Markle daily mail

Meghan Markle daily mail

In the same year that Prince Harry’s race prize charity took in £36 million, it distributed £250,000 in grants.
In the case of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation, which honors the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their heroic stand against structural racism in the monarchy, charity begins at home.

In the same year that it collected $43 million [£36 million] in contributions and grants, the ‘non-profit’ organization distributed only $300,000 [£250,000] in grants.Meghan Markle daily mail article.

On its 50th anniversary in 2018, its president, Kerry Kennedy, 63, received $555,000 [£467,000], almost twice what it gave out as grants.
She received a further $42,000 [£36,000] in ‘other compensation from the organization and other related organizations on top of her enormous salary. Kerry is the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, assassinated in 1968, and niece of John F. Kennedy.

Prince Harry and Meghan will receive the Ripple Of Hope award on December 6, the same award previously given to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
Kennedy called the Sussexes ‘heroic’ for challenging ‘the oldest institution in UK history’ with moral courage.

Charity finances are disclosed in documents published by the Internal Revenue Service.The charity’s income decreased over the years, but Kennedy’s wages remained steady.Despite a drop in income from $43 million to $18 million [£15 million], Kennedy received similar pay in 2019.

According to the foundation, its charitable purpose is to provide human rights education to school-age students and to protect civic spaces. As part of our programme work, we occasionally provide financial support, but it is not a permanent component.

As former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie says, Jeremy Paxman’s appetite for life is admirable.

In spite of filming his last University Challenge after 28 years due to Parkinson’s, he plans to earn a degree in Renaissance art (Botticelli and all that), join a choir, and study wine. Women, wine, and song. It’s not a bad start for ten, Paxo.

A Christmas stocking idea for the fashion victim in your life: Gucci is selling bars of chocolate that cost $17.24.

Each choc is about the size of a 70p Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar. Gucci’s creation is made up of eight thin squares of milk, and dark or white chocolate.The bar boasts hazelnut pieces and is said to be the product of ‘decades of passion, dedication, and research.It works out at an astonishing £34.48 per 100g.


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