New way to deliver estrogen could help women with osteoporosis

This New way to deliver estrogen could help women with osteoporosis.

women with osteoporosis!When estrogen is injected throughout the body instead of just in one location, it can increase the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and other illnesses.A novel estrogen delivery method may produce more effective treatments for female bone fractures.

In a postmenopausal rat, a single estrogen injection can accelerate the healing of a broken bone. The Stanford University assistant professor of surgery, Dr. Charles Chan, is one of these researchers.
Studies like this are rare because most focus on male animals.

It is primarily male animals that are used in stem cell research. Females have been the subject of very little research. There is a long overdue need for research, especially on why women heal differently from men.” Dr Chan told Wu Tsai Alliance.

This study was initiated by Dr Chan and Dr. George Yang, a professor of surgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham:

1. A bone is a living organ in which tissues are constantly being created and rebuilt.

2. There is a difference between the immune systems of men and women.

3. It is in the bone marrow, a soft tissue that contains stem cells, that people produce their immune system.

There is a difference in how men and women heal, which has led scientists to speculate that stem cells may be the cause. As a result, they set out to investigate whether men and women have different skeletal stem cells.

In order to simulate menopause, the researchers surgically removed the ovaries from female mice. Using a crushed pill applied directly to the incision, the doctors provided localized estrogen to the broken bone.

As a result of this procedure, mice without ovaries were able to recover more quickly. The study also demonstrated the ability of post-menopausal female mice to recover on their own by consuming localized estrogen. Male mice did not respond to estrogen administration.

Due to osteoporosis, one in two women will break a bone in their lifetime.It is observed in the elderly age when women fell in bathroom or at stairs with very little pressure and their bone broke . The incidence is higher in women than it is for breast cancer, heart attacks, and strokes combined.

In Future elderly women with osteoporosis or fractured bones may benefit from the team’s research. It might also be useful for dental implant procedures and surgery for gender transition that is very complicated process.

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