Pakistan s northern areas

Pakistan s northern areas, 9 different beautiful places for 1-day tour adventures

Pakistan s northern areas, 9 different beautiful places for 1-day tour adventures could be much joyful for you during hustling life.

Most busy people have only one holiday Sunday to enjoy. It means you have only one day for your hiking plan. If you want to visit the hill station in one day this video is for you.

you can enjoy one of these places in this one-day trip. We will guide you about the beautiful places of Pakistan for hiking, tracking and enjoying the beautiful places of Pakistan.

The peoples who live in Islamabad or surrounding areas of Islamabad can be easily accessed to these areas. But if you want to join from Lahore and Peshawar motorway than after 3 to 4 hours driving you can also reach Islamabad and Northern areas of Pakistan.

  1. New Murree or Patriata Chair Lift

It is situated only on the 45 minutes distance from Islamabad. If you are coming from Lahore then can reach this point in 5 hours easily. There is the biggest chair lift of Pakistan at Patriata. That is 8 kilometer long. From 1st mountain to second is a chair lift. In this chair lift only two persons can sit. Then there is cable car in which 8 to 10 peoples can climb easily.

Though you are traveling by sitting in a cable car but you feel just like traveling in an Aero plain. This is the best place for one day tour.

Pakistan s northern areas
  1. Pipe line track Donga Gali

Number second Donga Dali that is situated on the mountains of the Glyat. Different tracks go from this point. In these mountains before Pakistan a 4-kilometer track from Donga Gali to Ayubia is still present.

Dark Forest, Tall mountains, the fountain in the way and unique scenries beautiful track will complete in two to three hours enjoy fully walk. And you will reach straight to the Ayubia chairlift. You can do this track with your family and kids easily.

Pakistan s northern areas
  1. Ayubia Chair Lift

If you can’t travel on foot trough tracks but want to see this beautiful Glyat by chair lift. You can use this long chairlift made by General Ayubs in his reign for going Ayubia tops. From this point you watch the Glyat and all the beauties of the scenries. A large number of families and kids use to came here to enjoy.

Pakistan s northern areas
  1. Mushkpuri Track

For the adventure lover peoples another track goes from Donga Gali to the second highest top of the Glyat region Muskpuri. On this track there is 30% concrete road is available after that paved road goes toward the height. In summer this track is about three hours long but in snow falling season it increases. In snow falling more tourists came to visit this point then summer season. It comes adventures in snow falling.

Pakistan s northern areas
  1. Miranjani Track

The highest top of Glyat in Miranjani. The tourist who has been gone to the Glyat and Muskpuri in both summer and winter, Miranjani is most suitable for them. The path of Miranjani goes from Nathia Gali. This track pass by dark forest. Here you will hear a lot of noise of jungle sounds. Almost three hours required to complete this track.

A small lake comes in the way. From this lake Miranjani top can be seen. For beginner hikers this is a tough time giving place. This tracking is used more in summer season. In winter seldom peoples come here.

Pakistan s northern areas
  1. Khan Pur Dam

Near to the Islamabad on the way to the Texla from Haripur, is a big source of water reservoir. The lush green mountain of Margalla is close by and the color is blue which is very well known. There are facilities like boating, diving, parasailing, jet skiing which offer different activities to the visitors. Families, youth, children, couples, all classes of minded individuals can indulge in their favorite activities here.

Pakistan s northern areas
  1. Chhatri waterfall

Recently viral videos on YouTube have come to the fore to see the Chhatri waterfall, which is an hour’s drive away from Saji kot, the city of nature. After being famous now peoples are gathering at this waterfall.

Pakistan s northern areas
  1. Blue Wan Ponds

In Soon skasar valley a lot of ponds and waterfall exists. Nela Van ponds are situated near to the  Kalar kahar Motorway. From above roads to the one hour’s downward walk can reach to these ponds.

From above, it looks clear blue water. For one day trip You can also visit  for a blue Wan pond after a 3-hour journey from Lahore.

Whether you belong to Pakistan or a foreigner you should get complete knowledge of Pakistan s northern areas before plan a trip there.Such guide line will help you enjoy more there and certainly save you from many inconvenience regarding ways and locations.

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