Rokid Air AR Glasses

Rokid Air AR Glasses

Rokid Air AR Glasses are the latest innovative product of augmented reality. After virtual reality now the time has come for augmented reality time! That will take to you into a different world of AR reality.AR technology is such a futuristic technology that will change the ways of using different gadgets.

Till today you were operating your gadgets with your hands but in the future, you will be able to control them with your eyes. You just need to wear these AR glasses which look like ordinary glasses.
But once you wear them you experience another world in front of your eyes. Where you can see the screen of your gadgets in front of your eyes. And you can select many options over there.

Moreover playing a game is entirely different there. Where you will feel like the game is running before your eyes.

Moreover, you will find many amazing sounds in this glasses world that you will feel in 3d while playing there. It also gives YouTube and Netflix-type apps support that you can use in your daily uses. If you want you can get video call options in AR glasses.

Let’s go to the amazing AR world!

You can experience an immersive multimedia experience with a 120″ wide virtual screen, perfect for exhibitions, education, and training.
With advanced features such as voice and hands-free control, this device is lightweight and easy to use on a daily basis.

The Rokid Air Glasses are available at very affordable prices. Every age group peoples can use AR glasses because they are perfect for everyone without any side effects.

Though this is a latest technology still completed its innovative stages at an early stage.AR glasses have a wide application in entertainment, study, and business. Among the many things users can do are play games, watch movies, engage in video meetings, and much more.

Save $140 ($499 retail) on Rokid Air – KS Special. At the BEST price, Rokid Air will immerse you into a dream vision!! The package includes Rokid Air Glasses.

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