Scotland is chasing promotion

Scotland is chasing promotion

Scotland is chasing promotion. while England, Wales, and France are at risk of relegation.

Nations League

Is England likely to be relegated? Is Scotland going to join League A? What about Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland? How did France go from Nations League champions to the bottom of their group?

These are queries everyone wants to be responded to.

Over the next week, the Nations League group stages will conclude, meaning promotions, relegation, and progression to next summer’s finals will be determined.

On Wednesday, Scotland beat Ukraine at Hampden Park, and matches continued every night until Tuesday.

Many of the continent’s biggest clubs, including England and France, are on the verge of relegation, while Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland are also at risk.

Despite a less productive campaign, Scotland is still in contention for promotion, while Denmark and the Netherlands are in the final four.

As three months have passed since the most recent Nations League fixtures, here’s a reminder of the league tables, the games still to be played, and what’s at stake.

What are the rules of the Nations League?

There are four leagues in Europe, A, B, and C, each with 16 teams, and D with seven. Leagues A, B, and C are then divided into four groups of four, while League D has one group of four and one groups of three.

Groups of teams play home and away against each other. League B, C, and D winners will be promoted to the next league, while League A, B, and C bottom teams will be relegated.

The four group winners in League A will advance to the finals, which will be held next summer, without relegation from League D.

The Nations League will also determine seeding for Euro 2024 qualifying, with the draw taking place on October 9 and matches taking place between March and November 2023.

If a team doesn’t qualify for Euro 2024 through qualifying, they can still qualify through the playoffs, which are decided by Nations League placements.

As a result, the teams that finish highest in their groups – and don’t qualify for Euro 2024 at the first attempt – will qualify for the playoffs, which will take place in March 2024.

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